The West Coast Ramblers is the San Francisco Bay Area's most exciting Western Swing band! The 'Ramblers capture that late-40's/early-50's California Western Swing sound made popular by performers like Tex Williams, Hank Penny, and Billy Jack Wills. Hip arrangements, twin guitar parts, and a little polish turn the the tunes into something that you can't wait to listen and dance to at their next live show. Lee Jeffriess is on steel guitar; Mikiya Matsuda is on non pedal steel; Steve Walz does the vocals and provides the rhythm guitar; Derek McDonald is on drums; and Steve Height plays the upright bass. The West Coast Ramblers are a group of talented musicians who love this kind of music and have learned how to play it well. They have combined their talents and experience to give you one of the best Western Swing bands around.

We just finished recording three new songs. These were recorded in the studio using vintage equipment. Check out the videos. 


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West Coast Ramblers Studio Tracks

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